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2021 Team Dates


Team Cost

  • $4000 per person

    • Covers all cost from departing the USA to your return

  • $10 application fee

    • Non-refundable

  • $500 raised by by October 31, 2020

  • $1000 raised by December 31, 2020 ($1500 total raised)

  • $1000 raised by February 28, 2020 ($2500 total raised)

  • $1000 raised by April 15, 2020 ($3500 total raised)

  • $500 raised by May 15, 2020 ($4000 total raised)

  • Failure to meet two funding deadlines will result in the team member forfeiting their place on the team 

  • All funds raised are tax-deductible 

What You Need to Know When You Apply

  • US Passport

    • Must be more than 6 months from its expiration date at the date of entry into Mozambique​

    • Must have at least 3 full pages open

  •  Physical Demands

    • Team members can expect extended periods of walking, long car rides, and sleeping on air mattresses.​

  • Safety​

    • We travel through areas with a high crime rate.​

    • We take reasonable steps to protect team members.

    • Team leaders will provide guidance on measures to provide personal safety and compliance is non-negotiable. 

  •  Team Covenant

    • Team members will be asked to sign a covenant with regard to cooperation, team work, and the spirit of Christian love and community.​

  • Minors​

    • Must be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian.​

    • Additional documentation will be required for crossing borders in Africa.

Trip Map

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