Nhaloi Hospital was established in 1959 by Free Methodist missionary, Dr. Marguerite Palmer. The hospital is located in rural Massinga District in the Inhambane province. Dr. Palmer ran the hospital until 1977 when civil war forced the hospital to close.


The war years left the hospital in ruins. Following a peace treaty in 1994, the hospital grounds were left in the care of the government.

In 1998 Rev. Hendrik Smidderks, son of missionaries Dean and Faith Smidderks, traveled to the hospital and found the people welcoming and hopeful despite lack of functional healthcare.


In 2005 an agreement was signed between the Mozambican government and the Free Methodist Church of Mozambique forming a partnership to run and redevelop the hospital. Modest progress was made as neither the church nor the government had the resources to fully impliment their plans.




In 2012 Hendrik Smidderks returned to the hospital with a team of 12 from the United States. They found a small staff doing heroic work without sufficient supplies and training. Members of this team returned to the US with a desire to assist and so established HHA. The founding members of that team were  Dr. Randy Claassen MD, Jim Blackburn RN, Judy McQuown RN, and Rev. Smidderks.


Every year since 2012 HHA has sent teams to assist, equip, and encourage the national staff. HHA has installed a solar lighting system in the maternity ward, drilled a new water well, built a new water tower, repaired buildings, and updated medical supplies and equipment.


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